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Businesses rely on quality environmental management advice to not only ensure basic regulatory compliance but also to effectively integrate environmental requirements into overall business planning, to ensure the best outcome.

RBC Environmental can assist at every stage in the project life-cycle including cultural heritage assessments and native title negotiation in the planning stages, permitting and approvals to support business development and monitoring and compliance auditing to ensure the project stays on-track through to the project closure and rehabilitation if required.

Drone mapping technology including survey controlled RGB, NIR and thermal imaging is provided by our environmental staff who are also certified remote pilots.

We're equally adept at applying technical and regulatory knowledge - in every situation we apply exceptional technical knowledge, pragmatism and strong attention to detail.

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Specialist consulting for business

  • Environmental monitoring of water, sediment and macro-invertebrates

  • Assessment of land contamination and material characterisation (AMD)

  • Permitting and environmental management plans

  • Closure planning, rehabilitation and financial assurance assessments

  • Environmental auditing & regulatory compliance assessments

  • Specialised Drone Imaging

Our people

RBC Environmental take a truly consultative approach. We share our expertise in helpful ways and always prioritise delivering the result that you require. Our technical and scientific expertise is balanced by our commitment to offering trustworthy and practical advice. We aim to engage and inform when we communicate with our clients and their stakeholders.

Led by Principal Consultant Rod Coe, RBC Environmental has a wealth of government regulatory experience combined with on ground practical experience in assessing and developing solutions to complex environmental issues.

RBC Environmental is uniquely skilled to assess, plan and manage every stage from Project conception through implementation and to closure if required.

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Rod Coe

Principal Consultant

An industry leader with strong government, regulatory and industry experience, Rod Coe established RBC Environmental in 2015 to provide a practical and competent consulting service to the business sector. His career has been dedicated to constantly improving management systems while also making a real difference in improving on-ground impacts.

Rod has 25 years experience in the Queensland Government culminating in senior roles as Regional Mining Registrar in Department of Natural Resources and Mines and Senior Principal Environmental Officer working for the Environmental Protection Agency. He worked as an environmental regulator from 1997 through to 2002, while also managing significant monitoring and mine rehabilitation projects, receiving a community service award in 2000 for his work rehabilitating a tailings dam near Croydon in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Rod also worked on a government exchange project in Brazil during 2005/2006 providing environmental advice to government and industry before moving into the private sector in 2006. He has managed the environment, safety and community portfolios for a number of major mining projects for over 9 years.

Rod is also has a remote pilots licence and aeronautical radio operators certificate that allows him to fly multirotor drones for mapping work required to support environmental assessments.

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Andrew Holzheimer

Environmental Scientist

A trained Aquatic Ecologist with several years experience in co-ordinating and executing macro-invertebrates surveys across Queensland, Drew has an Honours Degree in Coastal Studies and an AUSRIVAS accreditation.

Drew has worked on mining operations in North-West Queensland as an Environment and Community Technician for 3 years, setting up the macro-invertebrate sampling system and undertaking all monitoring activities including air, water, soil and waste rock sampling. He established accurate monitoring databases and developed the annual Receiving Environment Monitoring Program (REMP) reports.

Drew has also worked as a Research Assistant for Impacts on Macrofauna, using these skills on the Cloncurry Mining Project to establish a successful camera trapping method for identifying the occurrence of the Carpentarian False Antechinus in relation to mining and exploration areas. The work evolved into a University research project which identifies the specific habitat associations for this species.

Drew is also has a remote pilots licence and aeronautical radio operators certificate that allows him to fly multirotor drones for mapping work required to support environmental assessments.

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Damian Britnell


A trained Archaeologist with more than 23 years experience in co-ordinating and executing more than 50 cultural heritage/archaeological/Aboriginal community consultation across Queensland, Damian has an Honours Degree in Archaeology.

Damian has extensive experience working with Aboriginal People working as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku Aboriginal Corporation (Mossman Gorge Aboriginal Community) and leading the delivery of the Mossman Gorge Project with input from government and Traditional Owners. Damian has also worked as the Senior Cultural Heritage Co-ordinator with Ivanhoe Australia in North-West Queensland delivering outcomes in both Aboriginal and European Cultural Heritage Management.

Damian has also negotiated Right to Negotiate and Cultural Heritage Management Plans with Traditional Owners and managed Indigenous Development programs.

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Laura Simmons


A trained Ecologist, Laura has completed a Phd on the ‘Conservation genetics and population viability analysis of endangered Swamp Orchid Phaius australis (Orchidaceae) in a changing world’.

Laura has excellent plant identification skills, wildlife and habitat survey skills .

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Mark Avenell

Earthmoving Superintendent

An experienced earthmoving supervisor Mark cut his teeth in PNG as the owner and manager of his own company (Aven Earthmoving Pty Ltd) for 15 years carrying out road construction, exploration support, crushing operations and concrete batching. Mark managed all aspects of the Trekelano Open Pit mining operations in 2008-2010 and completed the rehabilitation of the site while contracted to Barrick Australia.

More recently Mark supervised the upgrade of the Southern Tailings Dam on Ivanhoe Australia's Cloncurry Project effectively turning it into a dewatering facility; extension of Tailings Storage Facility 2 of the Osborne Mine; rehabilitation of the Starra 276, Starra 222, Victoria and former Selwyn Millsite for Chinova Resources; decontamination of the Phosphate Rail Load-out Shed; and covering the Osborne Tailings Storage Facilities 1 & 2 with open cut waste rock.

Mark also has significant experience in developing third party reviews of Financial Assurance assessments.

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